Here’s my Motion Capture Assignment thats been keeping me busy for a while now (^_^;)

The Breakdown gave me a chance to flex some of my After Effects muscle and do something other than staring at dot and verticies XD

Compositing Work (Now with more added Motion Graphics)

Been so busy lately (Managed to get a Distinction on my Japanese course yay ^_^ ) but to prove I’ve not been slacking in the Motion Graphics department I’ve been including them in my Breakdowns for other assignments (either creating elements using particles systems or titles within After Effects). Here is an example of what I’ve been doing in my Compositing module (The 3D breakdown is uploading now but thats got a fair bit of Mottion Graphics in it).

Enjoy ^_^

Final Motion Graphics

Heya everyone! Now that the presentations have been done I can finally now share this with you all. It was a real challenge and it pushed me and what I thought I knew about After Effects and compositing to the limit but I felt I learnt a great deal in the process. Hope you enjoy (^_^)y